Robotics Upgrade Module

A robotics upgrade module for any project requiring a brain. It features a Atmega32u4 MCU as the brain for the project and a number of add on features that can be selected via solder jumpers. It contains two motor controllers that use a 4081N AND Gate that use 6 I/O lines, three SMD status LEDs, on I/O lines A3-A5, a buzzer on D11 and I/O headers connecting power, I/O lines, reset and SPI. It also features direct USB programming via the MINI-USB connector with USB power select on JP1 used for choosing power. When on it uses USB when off it will use external power source. DO NOT HAVE JP1 ON WHEN USING EXTERNAL POWER!!! There is a 500mA resting fuses to protect the USB port from over load. External power is regulated via 7805voltage regulator. Adding to the module can be done by the I/O header. When controlling the motors D7 and D4 must be HIGH then direction is chosen by D5, D6, D9 and D10.

Left motor:

D6 = Right rotation

D9 = Left rotation

D7 =Activate

Right motor:

D10 = Right rotation

D5 = Left rotation

D4 = activate

Programming is done is C or the Arduino IDE being Arduino Leonard compatible. To download EAGLE CAD files go to

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Jed Hodson

More information will be coming soon.

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